Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who created Ministry Source?

    Ministry Source was created in 2014 by the Church of God.

    What is the purpose of the site?

    Ministry Source was designed to provide ministers with inspiration, training, and continuing education via a regularly updated collection of useful content.

    Where does the content on Ministry Source come from?

    Content is provided by the Church of God and our network of partners, including exclusive content provided by Lee University's Division of Adult Learning. We are always adding new content, and are always looking for new contributors.

    Who can access the content on the site?

    While the site was designed for ministers, it is available to everyone. Simply register for access.

    How do I access the content?

    It's simple: Just sign up, then enter your login and password, and you'll have full access to Ministry Source.

    Is there a cost involved?

    No. There is no charge to access content on Ministry Source.

    Can I download a piece of content?

    Some of the content on Ministry Source is available for download. Look for the download icon on the screen or within the description area of the file.

    Can I submit content?

    Ministry Source accepts outside content as long as it matches our site's standards and ministry goals. If you have content that would like to share, please contact us.

    I'm having trouble logging in. What can I do?

    If you're having trouble logging in, please make sure you are using the correct email address and password. If you've forgotten your password, reset it by clicking here.

    I forgot my password, what do I do?

    If you can't remember your password, just go to the log in screen and click “Forgot your password?” Enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset it.

    How do I change my password?

    Click on your Account Settings, scroll down to the Password section, and then click Change Password. Enter your current password, and then create a new one. Confirm it by typing your new password a second time, then click Save Password.

    Can I sign in with more than one email address?

    No. Each account is limited to one email address, though you can change the email address associated with your account at any time.

    Why is my video playback choppy?

    If your video playback stutters, try the following:

    • Try letting the video buffer before you view it.
    • Close other browser tabs and windows.
    • Make sure you have either the latest version of Flash running on your computer, or use a browser with native HTML5 support.
    • Switch to another browser to see if that helps.

    Which browser is best to use when viewing the Ministry Source website?

    Ministry Source runs on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Whichever browser you prefer, please use the most up-to-date version available to ensure that everything on the site works smoothly.

    In fullscreen mode, can I scale the video to fit my monitor?

    Yes. When your video is played in fullscreen mode, click the icon in the play bar that looks like two little screens. This will toggle scaling on and off. When scaling is on, your video will be scaled to fit the screen. When scaling is off, you will see the actual size of the converted file.

    Do I need a fast Internet connection for HD videos?

    Most cable and DSL connections should be fast enough to play HD video. If the video takes awhile to load, try turning off any other applications that could be using up your Internet bandwidth. You can also push the play button in the player and then press the pause button to let the video buffer before viewing.