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    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline focuses on teaching new believers. 

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    Beyond the Pulpit: Maintaining Healthy Marriages in Ministry

    Beyond the Pulpit is a series that highlights real life, real ministry, and real pastors. In this episode, Dr. Mark Williams interviews Pastor Dave Willis about maintaining healthy marriages in ministry.  Pastor Dave Willis is the Associate Pastor at Stevens Creek Community Church (Augusta, GA). He is the Author of “iVow”, Blogger at reaching over 3 million people so far in 2015, and Founder of, a Facebook ministry reaching over 860,000 people.

    Beyond the Pulpit is a partnership between Ministry Source and The Center of Pastoral Excellence. 

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    Fast, Food!

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline focuses on fasting and offers nine reasons for fasting as outlined in Isaiah 58.

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    Tips for Talking About Money: Part Two

    Church of God Foundation President, Clayton Watson, discusses prayer and Biblical perspective in regards to money. This is part two in a six part series on tips for talking about money.

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    Kevin Wallace - Being Where God Sends You

    Redemption Point Church Pastor Kevin Wallace preaches on God's assignment and focuses Luke 4 - Being Where God Sends You

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    O Great God - Demo

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    Doubt (PPT)

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon explores doubt. PowerPoint format.

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    A Transforming Journey (PPT)

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon focuses on the truest sign of a transformed and renewed mind. PowerPoint format.

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    When Women Lead: Foreign Adoption

    When Women Lead is a series that highlights the amazing things God does when women say "yes" to Him.  In this episode, Sandra Kay Williams, Church of God International Women's Director, interviews Reverend Aubrey Jensen on the topic of Foreign Adoptions.  Reverend Jensen is Co-Pastor and Pastoral Counselor at Cary Church of God in Cary, NC.

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    No Denying It: Repentance

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline focuses on sin.