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    Holy Spirit We Need You - Split Track

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    Test Powerpoint about Ministry

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    NYLA One Day Panel Discussion: Part 2

    This youth ministry panel consists of student pastors Adam Baird, Adam Mew, Jeremy Guyselman, and Josh Guyselman. The men answer questions sent in during the NYLA One Day web cast on April 5, 2014. This is the second part of the panel discussion.

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    When Women Lead: Benevolent Organizations

    When Women Lead is a series that highlights the amazing things God does when women say "yes" to Him.  In this episode, Sandra Kay Williams, Church of God International Women's Director, interviews Reba Terry. Reba is the Executive Director of The Caring Place, Cleveland, TN. She is a licensed clinical social worker. Her rich work history serves as a great background for directing the day-to-day aspects of this non-profit organization.

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    Tips for Talking About Money: Part Six

    Church of God Foundations President, Clayton Watson, discusses telling "giving" stories and offers practical advice. This is part six in a six part series on tips for talking about money.

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    The Jesus Prayer: Lesson 1

    Children's pastor Chris Quinn, from North Cleveland Church of God, introduces lesson 1 in the series: "The Jesus Prayer." Lesson 1 focuses on the importance of going away to be alone with God.   

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    Theology of the Church for the 21st Century: Session 3

    Lee University's Dean of the School of Religion Dr. Terry L. Cross provides a theology for the church in the 21st century. Session three considers the church's mission: What are we to do?

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    "Facing the Dawn" by G.W. Lane

    G. W. Lane (1912-1982) was one of the Church of God’s premier preachers during the last century. A native of Texas, Lane ministered as an evangelist, pastor, state Sunday school and youth director, state overseer, and served on the Executive Committee as General Secretary-Treasurer. While serving as pastor of Central Parkway Church of God in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lane conducted a weekly radio broadcast “Voice of Calvary” that was heard nationwide. Later, he served as radio/TV minister for the Church of God’s media outreach “Forward in Faith.” He was the author of several books, including "Doctrine of the New Testament", "Program and Purpose", "Material for Ministers", "Sermon Nuggets", "Pentecostal Persuasion", "Bring the Book", "But This Man", and "The Voice of Calvary".

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    Branding Your Children's Ministry

    Children's pastor Chris Quinn, from North Cleveland Church of God, discusses the importance of identity within children's ministry, how to connect that identity with the rest of the church, and recalls his own personal experience in branding children's ministry.    

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    Do Others Recognize You've Been with Jesus?

    COG International Women's Director Sandra Kay Williams asks "Do others recognize you've been with Jesus?" and examines Acts 4.