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    Who Is Jesus Christ? (PPT)

    This Winterfest youth sermon covers the topic "Who is Jesus Christ?" and focuses on Mark 8:29. PowerPoint format.

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    Theology of the Church for the 21st Century: Introduction

    Lee University's Dean of the School of Religion Dr. Terry L. Cross provides a theology of the church for the 21st century. This is the introduction to a three part series. 

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    Honor and Praise - Split Track

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    Honor and Praise - Demo

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    Food Addiction

    Lee University Professor of Psychology Dr. Susan Carter discusses food addiction. 

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    Inside Out

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline focuses on being transformed in way of thinking and living. 

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    Tips for Talking About Money: Part Two

    Church of God Foundation President, Clayton Watson, discusses prayer and Biblical perspective in regards to money. This is part two in a six part series on tips for talking about money.

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    The Power of One: Week 2

    Children's pastor Chris Quinn, from North Cleveland Church of God, introduces week 2 in the series: "The Power of One." This week focuses on the biblical story of Joseph and teaches children the importance of living out their God given dreams.

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    Ministry Staffing: Part Three

    Church of God Foundation President Clayton Watson discusses paid ministry staff member. This is part three of a three part series.

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    Application for Children & Youth Workers and Background Info (PDF)

    This is a legal application for children & youth workers and background information consent form. PDF format.