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    The Power of One: Week 1

    Children's pastor Chris Quinn, from North Cleveland Church of God, introduces week 1 in the series: "The Power of One." This week focuses on the biblical story of Ruth and encourages children to make the choice to impact their circumstances.

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    "It's Your Move" by G.W. Lane

    G. W. Lane (1912-1982) was one of the Church of God’s premier preachers during the last century. A native of Texas, Lane ministered as an evangelist, pastor, state Sunday school and youth director, state overseer, and served on the Executive Committee as General Secretary-Treasurer. While serving as pastor of Central Parkway Church of God in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lane conducted a weekly radio broadcast “Voice of Calvary” that was heard nationwide. Later, he served as radio/TV minister for the Church of God’s media outreach “Forward in Faith.” He was the author of several books, including "Doctrine of the New Testament", "Program and Purpose", "Material for Ministers", "Sermon Nuggets", "Pentecostal Persuasion", "Bring the Book", "But This Man", and "The Voice of Calvary".

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    License Agreement for Use of Church Premises (PDF)

    This is a license agreement for use of church premises. PDF format.

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    Family Matters - Part 1

    COG International Women's Director Sandra Kay Williams discusses the reality of family and ministry. This is part one in the "Family Matters" two part series.

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    "Marketing/PR: New Role" by James Andrews

    SocialPeople founder James Andrews discusses the new roles in marketing and public relations as a result of social media. 

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    Forward in faith - Pray in Faith

    In the weekly broadcast of Forward in Faith, Pastor Loran Livingston brings a powerful message from the pulpit of Charlotte Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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    No Denying It: Repentance (PPT)

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon focuses on sin. PowerPoint format.

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    What is Righteousness? (PPT)

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon examines righteousness. PowerPoint format.

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    Beyond the Pulpit - The Importance of Music in Worship

    Beyond the Pulpit is a series that highlights real life, real ministry, and real pastors. In this episode, Dr. Mark Williams interviews Arvil Ogle, Todd Sturgell, and Brad Moffet about the the importance of music in worship. Arvil is the Worship Pastor at Family Church in West Monroe, Louisiana. Todd is the Creative Worship Pastor at Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, Georgia. Brad is the Director of Graduate Studies in Music at Lee University, as well as, the Director of Lee Singers.  

    Beyond the Pulpit is a partnership between Ministry Source and The Center of Pastoral Excellence. 

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    Transformational Threats: Part 2

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline is part two of a sermon on transformational threats and focuses on the heart's desire.