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    Jeremy McGinnis - Like a Child

    In this service from Park West, Dr. Jeremy McGinnis discusses approaching God's Word like a child.

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    "Social Media Strategy" by Haley Veturis

    Social Media Manager Haley Veturis shares the social media strategy that Saddleback Church utilizes.

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    He is Great - Split Tracks

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    Fundamental Interpersonal Needs of Children: Part One

    Lee University's Director of Graduate Studies in Counseling Psychology Dr. Trevor Milliron discusses three fundamental interpersonal needs of children. Part one focuses on deferred gratification. 

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    ​Let's Get to the Hard Stuff: Episode 4

    Bill Isaacs, Director of Center for Pastoral Excellence, teaches a five part series entitled, "Let's Get to the Hard Stuff".

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    Leading Staff

    North Cleveland Church of God Head Pastor Mitch Maloney discusses leading volunteer and paid staff. 

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    Funeral Preparation

    North Cleveland Church of God Head Pastor Mitch Maloney discusses how to prepare for a funeral. 

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    Forward in Faith - Keep Moving

    In the weekly broadcast of Forward in Faith, Pastor Loran Livingston brings a powerful message from the pulpit of Charlotte Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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    Healing Hand - Demo

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    I Want Your Glory - Split Track