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    Transformational Threats: Part 3

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline is part three of a sermon on transformational threats and focuses on life's offenses. 

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    He Served with Humility and Love

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline focuses on Jesus serving with humility and love.

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    Beyond the Pulpit: Balancing Life and Work

    Beyond the Pulpit is a series that highlights real life, real ministry, and real pastors. In this episode, Dr. Mark Williams interviews Craig Jutila about the journey of balancing life and ministry. Craig Jutila is the President of Empowered Living, Inc, and the author of numerous books, including, "From Hectic to Healthy".

    Beyond the Pulpit is a partnership between Ministry Source and The Center of Pastoral Excellence. 

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    Leadership Principles for Worship Rehearsal

    Director of Lee University Singers and Graduate Studies Dr. Brad Moffett discusses leadership principles for worship rehearsal. This is episode one in a three part series.

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    The Language of God: Part One

    Lee University's Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Jonathon Cornett discusses the greatness of God in creation and human biology.

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    Social Media Goals

    Clark Campbell, social media specialist, discusses the goals of social media in the church.

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    "How?" by G.W. Lane

    G. W. Lane (1912-1982) was one of the Church of God’s premier preachers during the last century. A native of Texas, Lane ministered as an evangelist, pastor, state Sunday school and youth director, state overseer, and served on the Executive Committee as General Secretary-Treasurer. While serving as pastor of Central Parkway Church of God in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lane conducted a weekly radio broadcast “Voice of Calvary” that was heard nationwide. Later, he served as radio/TV minister for the Church of God’s media outreach “Forward in Faith.” He was the author of several books, including "Doctrine of the New Testament", "Program and Purpose", "Material for Ministers", "Sermon Nuggets", "Pentecostal Persuasion", "Bring the Book", "But This Man", and "The Voice of Calvary".

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    Forward in Faith - God is Sovereign

    In the weekly broadcast of Forward in Faith, Pastor Loran Livingston brings a powerful message from the pulpit of Charlotte Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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    Food Addiction

    Lee University Professor of Psychology Dr. Susan Carter discusses food addiction. 

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    NYLA One Day Panel Discussion: Part 2

    This youth ministry panel consists of student pastors Adam Baird, Adam Mew, Jeremy Guyselman, and Josh Guyselman. The men answer questions sent in during the NYLA One Day web cast on April 5, 2014. This is the second part of the panel discussion.