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    From Rags to Righteousness (PPT)

    This Winterfest youth sermon focuses on obtaining righteousness. PowerPoint format. 

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    Three Ways to Avoid Costly Money Mistakes

    Student Pastor and NYLA President Jared Waldrop, from Westmore Church of God, discusses three ways to avoid costly money mistakes in student ministry. 

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    Crisis Management: Before the Crisis

    Rob Alderman discusses how to prepare for when crisis strikes.

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    The Jesus Prayer: Lesson 4

    Children's pastor Chris Quinn, from North Cleveland Church of God, introduces lesson 4 in the series: "The Jesus Prayer." Lesson 4 focuses on helping children celebrate who God is! 

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    Honor and Praise - Split Track

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    Transformational Threats: Part 2

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline is part two of a sermon on transformational threats and focuses on the heart's desire.

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    Forward in Faith - My God, My God

    In the weekly broadcast of Forward in Faith, Pastor Loran Livingston brings a powerful message from the pulpit of Charlotte Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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    Social Media Addiction

    Lee University Professor of Psychology Dr. Susan Carter discusses social media addiction. 

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    Tips for Talking About Money: Part Four

    Church of God Foundation President, Clayton Watson, discusses being grace oriented and not guilt ridden in regards to talking about money. He also discusses encouraging growth in giving. This is part four in a six part series on tips for talking about money.

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    Application for Children & Youth Workers and Background Info (PDF)

    This is a legal application for children & youth workers and background information consent form. PDF format.