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    "Mistakes Made on Social Media: Part Two" by Dave Willis

    Dave Willis continues the discussion on social media mistakes and keeping social media in perspective. This is part two in a three part series.

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    Kevin Wallace - Deliverance from Religion

    Redemption Point Church Pastor Kevin Wallace preaches on deliverance from religion.

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    The Doctrine of Baptisms & Laying on of Hands

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline focuses the doctrine of baptisms and laying on of hands. 

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    Failing Forward

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon focuses on the process of "Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat." in order to move forward. 

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    Leadership in Youth Ministry

    Youth pastor and founder of the Ministry Hub Zac Case, from Azelea City Church of God, discusses leadership in youth ministry.

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    "Creating Experiences" by James Andrews

    SocialPeople founder James Andrews discusses using the term "experiences" rather than "social media". 

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    Policies and Procedures

    Children's pastor Chris Quinn, from North Cleveland Church of God, shares policies and procedures in children's ministry.

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    With Every Breath I Take - Split Track

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    Family Matters - Part 1

    COG International Women's Director Sandra Kay Williams discusses the reality of family and ministry. This is part one in the "Family Matters" two part series.

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    Jeremy McGinnis - Like a Child

    In this service from Park West, Dr. Jeremy McGinnis discusses approaching God's Word like a child.