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    "Point A to Point B: Part Two" by Tony Morgan

    Tony Morgan continues the discussion on moving people from point "A" to point "B". 

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    Healing Hand - Demo

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    Forward in Faith - My God, My God

    In the weekly broadcast of Forward in Faith, Pastor Loran Livingston brings a powerful message from the pulpit of Charlotte Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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    Tips for Talking About Money: Part One

    Church of God Foundation President, Clayton Watson, discusses the importance of stewardship and generous giving. This is part one in a six part series on tips for talking about money.

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    Transformational Threats: Part 4

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon outline is part four of a sermon on transformational threats and focuses on dealing with failure. 

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    Ministry Staffing: Part Three

    Church of God Foundation President Clayton Watson discusses paid ministry staff member. This is part three of a three part series.

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    Communicating the Gospel

    North Cleveland Church of God Head Pastor Mitch Maloney discusses how to communicate the gospel to a multi-generational audience.

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    When Women Lead: Hispanic Ministries

    When Women Lead is a series that highlights the amazing things God does when women say "yes" to Him.  In this episode, Sandra Kay Williams, Church of God International Women's Director, interviews Yvette Santana, Women's Director of the Southwest Hispanic Region of the Church of God in Los Angeles, California.

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    Making Disciples

    Student Pastor Craig Mosgrove, from North Cleveland Church of God, discusses the calling of student pastors.

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    Transformational Threats: Part 3 (PPT)

    This 2013 Winterfest youth sermon is part three of a sermon on transformational threats and focuses on life's offenses. PowerPoint format.